Home Owner's Insurance

Home is where it all begins! That makes Home Owner’s Insurance a necessity. With a wide variety of weather climates during our four beautiful seasons here in Massachusetts, it is important to understand how to correctly cover yourself and your family’s home. Whether you’re buying your very first home, have multiple properties, rent an apartment, or are simply looking to find a better alternative to your current policy, we at LBH Insurance, Inc. are here for you.

Home Owner's Insurance

Thinking about the complexities of insuring your most valuable investment can be daunting – What’s my home worth? What about all my stuff? What about liability? What will be the outcome if something does happen? That’s where we come in, taking the time to discuss your situation now, reviewing your needs with you as they change, and being there for you if you ever need to make a claim.

Here at LBH Insurance Inc., we will craft a custom policy to help protect your home inside and out while minimizing all financial risk and coverage inadequacy, thus giving you and the family peace of mind to sleep well at night!

Condo Insurance

No need for the snow blowers or riding mowers; however, there is still the need to make sure one of your biggest financial investments is secure and your personal contents are covered accurately. In short, you need the right kind of condominium insurance.

Let LBH Insurance, Inc. assist you in understanding what is covered and required by your association for your condo or townhouse.

Renter's Insurance

Not a member of the home or condo association group? Do not feel left out; let LBH Insurance, Inc. provide you with an individualized renters insurance policy to fully cover all your personal content in and outside your home. You don’t own the building, but you are still a property owner; that property is just in the form of furniture, electronics, collectibles, and all the other items around your home.

Let us assist you in understanding the benefits of a personal liability policy to cover those larger assets or liability risk you may be associated with.

Landlord Insurance

As a landlord, you have unique concerns: What’s my responsibility for my tenants’ property? Who pays if my tenants are ever displaced? What’s my liability throughout my buildings?

Owning rental property(s) comes with many advantages as well as financial security currently and for the future; however there are some major liability risks that may be included with being a landlord. Let us help you cover these liability risks and all your assets with the correct type of Landlord policy, as well as a recommended personal liability policy for those added risks!

Seasonal and Vacation Home Insurance

A vacation or secondary home is a wonderful asset that requires many unique coverage needs. We’ll work together to quote the right insurance, allowing you to rest easy throughout the year, whether you’re here, there, or on the road in between. This type of homeownership may bring additional liability exposure and increase your liability risk. Seasonal and Vacation Property insurance from LBH Insurance provides coverage for accidental damage, liability, and loss, as provided in the policy. Let us educate you about the benefits of a personal liability policy to cover those larger assets or liability risks you may be associated with.

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